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Zeiss Primo Star iLED Halogen/LED Microscope


30W Halogen / 3200K LED Illumination
140x135mm Mechanical Stage
Seidentopf Binocular Viewing Head
10x (18mm) Binocular Eyepiece
10x / 20x / 40x / 100x-Oil Objectives
PLAN Achromatic Objectives
Antifungal Coated Optics
Coaxial Fine / Coarse Focus Control
Color Filter Set

Harga : Rp. 23.770.200

Untuk pemesanan silahkan hubungi 085860807887 (Bambang Triyono)


Product Description

The Primo Star iLED Halogen/LED Microscope from Zeiss is a four-objective binocular instrument featuring a modular substage illumination drawer. This microscope’s Seidentopf viewing head enables quick interpupillary distance adjustment using an intuitive push-pull motion. Quick interpupillary adjustments complement the inclined viewing head’s ability to rotate 360°, allowing the view to be shared with others without moving the microscope. The Primo Star microscope is well-suited for the classroom and laboratory due to its user-friendly design, wide magnification range, and color-corrected infinity optical system from Zeiss.

A wide range of magnification provided by the Primo Star optical system’s four objective lenses provide the microscope with the power needed to analyze geological samples, microbes, pathogens, and more. Parfocalled PLAN achromat objectives minimize image distortions and provide enhanced contrast. The 100x objective can be oil-immersed for improved light transmission, and the microscope comes with a 5ml bottle of immersion oil.

In addition to the low-position dual coaxial focus controls, the Primo Star iLED also includes right-handed specimen adjustment of the mechanical stage. Fine focus adjustment are made in 0.5mm per rotation, 45mm per rotation for coarse focus control. The mechanical stage is illuminated from below using the Primo Star’s interchangeable lighting modules. This model includes a standard 30W halogen module as well as a 3200K LED module that provides a warm color output, a cool operating temperature, and energy-efficient power consumption. The Primo Star series microscope was built for reliable performance and is backed by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.


Microscope Type Compound
Body Type Fixed Kohler
Tube Length 180 mm
Head Seidentopf binocular
Nosepiece 4-hole (inclined backwards)
Eyepiece 10.0x (18mm)
Objective(s) 10.0x (0.25NA) / 20.0x (0.4NA) / 40.0x (0.65NA) / 100.0x (1.25NA) PLAN achromat
Magnification 100.0 / 200.0 / 400.0x / 1000.0x
Focuser Coaxial fine / coarse
Light Source 6V 30W halogen / 3200K warm LED
Light Control Rheostat
Specimen Stage 140 x 135 mm
Overall Dimensions 18.5 x 17.1 x 7.4″ (471 x 435 x 187 mm)
Weight 21.2 lb (9.6 kg)


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