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Nikon EZ-Micro Stereoscopic Microscope


Top LED Illumination
Stereo Viewing Head
20x Magnification
Digiscope Compatible
AA Battery Power Supply

Harga : Rp. 26.831.250

Untuk pemesanan silahkan hubungi 085860807887 (Bambang Triyono)


Product Description

The Nikon EZ-Micro Stereoscopic Microscope allows users to observe microscopic objects with a 20x (fixed lens) while simultaneously photographing them with one of the 16 compatible Nikon COOLPIX digital cameras. Illuminated by two white LED lights with a 3-step power switch, the Nikon EZ-Micro has a close focus distance of 1.5 inches above the base of the stage, a real field of view of 11 diameters and a wide interpupillary distance adjustment of 51 – 72mm. The entire optical system produces an erect, unreversed image, with the eyepiece diopter separately adjustable.

Altogether, the Nikon EZ-Micro is a revolutionary viewing accessory certain to find popularity with a wide range of users, including birders, naturalists, collectors, jewelers, law enforcement agencies and researchers.


Microscope Type Stereoscopic Dissecting Field Microscope
Body Type Rigid
Eyepiece 2x
Nosepiece Single Objective
Objective(s) 10x
Head Binocular fixed position
Focuser Rack & Pinion with torque adjustment mechanism
Light Source High Output LEDs
Light Control 3 position switch
Specimen Stage Fixed position
Overall Dimensions 5.3″ x 5.7″ x 4.2″
Weight 21 oz. (595g)


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